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Transfer Motions

Transfer Motions
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Colombo Filippetti SpA designs and manufactures cams and cam mechanisms for every sector that requires automation and transfer motions, which are precise and repetitive.

Colombo Filippetti can produce other than cams to customer’s drawings and specifications many other mechanisms: Indexing and Oscillating drives, Globoidal and Indexing rotary tables, Linear and Rotary Manipulators, Tandem parallel shafts, Complete Tool Changers with or without storage magazines, Pallet changing cam systems, Output overload clutches. Offering customers the best support possible in application engineering, design and development.

Mechanism Transfer Motions

For more than 50 years Colombo Filippetti collaborates with the best manufactures of machines for the realisation and design of mechanical transfer motion systems.

Colombo Filippetti esteems:
- to be one of the few selected Accredited Suppliers of CRIT Research in Modena.
- to be certified according to the Quality Management System UNI EN ISO 9001:2000
- to have adopted an organisational-management system ERP (SAP) that has been introduced thanks to a consolidated existing structure already directed towards the aim of total quality and which has obtained numerous certifications.

The special attention made to our customers is shown also in our web, where customers can access a reserved area where they can configure standard products, download technical sketches in any format 2D and 3D as well as installation and maintenance instructions.

Our organisation allows precise delivery and production times.