Applications & Fields
Technical specifics
Standard models:3: CUT31 - CUT41 - CUT51
Base cones ISO:30 - 40 - 50
Also for base cones:ISOBT - HSK
Centre distances between the grippers (mm):da 400 a 850

The CUT tool changers of COLOMBO FILIPPETTI spa, are mechanisms whose purpose is to transform the uniform input rotary motion into an given sequence of intermittent, linear and rotary motions of the output shaft, by means of a cam.

The synchronized combination of the movements made by the toolchange gripper double-arm results in the typical tool changing cycle, i.e. the characteristic feature of this device.

The gripper arm is provided with an automatic safety block of the tool during the transport phase.

The tool changer group CUT can be provided with additional tool magazines that are called CTM.

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