The future is a door, the past is the key

Colombo Filippetti

Colombo Filippetti has been present in the Industrial Automation market for seventy years as a supplier of cam systems for every handling requirement, guaranteeing extreme precision in very high-performance contexts.

The attention to every detail in the construction of customer relationships - context sharing, dedicated planning, mechanisms construction with focus on high quality, after sales service and assistance - constitute an important and essential value of Colombo Filippetti’s philosophy. This value finds application in every aspect of our daily action as an element of sharing and as expression of our professionalism.

Our positioning in the market gives us a role of international leadership and places us in the prestigious group of global players we constantly measure ourselves with. It is a great challenge that constantly stimulates our renewal and continuous innovation.

In order to be able to respond adequately to the requirements coming from the industrial automation mechanisms market - a global universe in impetuous transformation - the orientation of our activities changed. Therefore, the CoFil brand took shape: even with its own stylistic features, it stems from the long tradition of excellence, proper of Colombo Filippetti. CoFil aims to look to the future in a new and ambitious perspective - in line with the increasingly dynamic and accelerated evolution of the industrial automation industry. A new brand whose roots go back to a long history of values and skills, guaranteeing continuity in the future of what is most precious to us: our customers trust.

Inside the new CoFil universe we now find two business units with different types of products and very distinct contents:

It is characterized by an innate dynamism towards our customers requests: extremely rapid service and delivery of the highest quality standardized products - while guaranteeing flexibility in assembly options. It combines with a dedicated web platform offering the selection and configuration new functions - for a direct customer involvement in choosing the perfect solution.

It represents the expression of the most authentic soul of Colombo Filippetti and of its long history: the highest level of project quality in the careful and continuous cooperation with the customer and in achieving the highest performance connected to elevated quality standards. The philosophy of co-engineering is applied to the relationship with the best manufacturers of industrial machines worldwide. Our ambition drives our strategic action in becoming the privileged suppliers of the most competitive companies acting in the most advanced markets.