External growth and new potential

The future is a door, the past is the key
(Victor Hugo)

Dynamism in continuous innovation, reliability combined with high quality standards: these are the specificities that - for 70 years - have made Colombo Filippetti one of the world leaders in the field of cam mechanisms for industrial automation. Supported by a solid past and a great vision projected into the future, we have always offered our customers the most technologically advanced solutions fitting their needs of excellent performances - thanks to a complete range of standardized high quality products and our vast experience in the field of customized applications. The spread of our commercial network throughout the world allows a continuous and challenging comparison in the most advanced contexts in order to impose our extremely advanced mechanical solutions on the main market segments.
2000 Business growth and SAP The rise of special and customized products, the increasingly important role of product traceability, the optimization of production planning and capacity, lean manufacturing strategies and just-in-time requirements of our customers: all these issues require absolute precision. That is why Colombo Filippetti became the first SME Italian company to install the complete ERP-SAP with APO finite capacity scheduling.
90’s CO-ENGINEERING Approach With decades of experience, the know-how and experience of Colombo Filippetti's engineers is at complete disposal of its many customers for co-engineered and fully customized projects and production.
70’s The STANDARDIZATION The process of standardization - started in the 70’s - allowed Colombo Filippetti to have a complete catalogue of mechanisms for the most popular, reliable and standardized needs of automation. (Last standardized mechanism added to the catalogue in 2015)
50’s CAM and the MACHINES Since 1950, Colombo Filippetti develops cam solutions for our customers, continuing to evolve its knowledge and know-how through customers applications. (Last patented cam in 2014)