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Standard models:5: MAN10 - MAN20 - MAN30 - MAN40 - MAN50
Linear stroke (mm max):45 - 65 - 85 - 110 - 165
Angular rotation:Up to 180°

The MAN manipulators of COLOMBO FILIPPETTI spa are mechanisms with combined globoidal and groove cams in a single piece, whose purpose is to transform the uniform rotary input into an appropriate combination of synchronised linear and rotary motions of the output shaft to which the gripper devices may be fitted. The manipulators provide precision, speed, smooth gentle movements, low vibration, silent working, simple manufacture, compact size, oil-bath lubrication of the internal parts, easy installation and a wide range of the output shaft motion cycles. 

These features allow reliability and flexibility for use in applications where machinery load/unload , and pick & place assembly phases and transfer are required.

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