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H.. S

H.. S
Standard models:4: H65S - H8060 - H105S - H130S
Oscillations max:90°
One-direction rotations:180°
Linear stroke (mm):Up to 120
Piece-holding arms lenght (mm):Up to 500
Load movement:10Kg - speed 40 cycles/min.
Special application can be carried out on demand.

The rotary manipulators of the series H.. S by COLOMBO FILIPPETTI spa are conjugate double-cam mechanisms that transform the input uniform rotary motion into the typical motions of the rotary pick and place, i.e. rotary intermittent motion and linear alternate motion.

Also available - on request - a wide range of special applications, designed and manufactured during 50 years of activity of COLOMBO FILIPPETTI spa, a unique and unequalled heritage.

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